Energy Efficiency


What is Energy Efficiency?

As stated on Doug Martens Services page “energy efficiency is generally achieved through the use of building materials, construction techniques, designs and appliances that minimize the amount of electricity, natural gas and other fuels needed to heat, cool and operate a home. Maximizing energy efficiency is a major aspect of green building (also known as sustainable or high performance construction). Home builders strive to maximize energy efficiency in new construction, and improving energy efficiency is frequently a goal of residential remodeling.

Improving energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency doesn’t only do you good by saving you money, but it also does good for the Earth! By reducing your energy use you are also reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses. So how do you become more energy efficient?

  1. Benchmark- Assess your current situation. How much energy are you currently using?
  2. Assess your building and its appliances- Do you have drafty windows or doors? Is your house well insulated? Do you have an energy saving cycle option on your washer? Was your home built using insulated concrete forms?
  3. Make an efficiency plan- What changes are manageable for you? What is the end goal for you?
  4. Implement plan- Make your changes and document them so you can compare to past periods.
  5. Reevaluate and Retry- improving efficiency is something that can be done daily! With today’s technology, we are learning more than ever about how to create efficient buildings.


Energy Efficient Buildings


Home Energy Efficiency

Whether you are building or buying, if energy efficiency is a concern of yours (or even just saving a few bucks) the most important thing you need to do is research.