Spec Homes

Doug Martens Construction Spec Homes are a popular option for those who want to own a new home without going through the lengthy and often stressful building process. Our spec homes are built without a specific buyer in mind, meaning they are designed to appeal to a wide range of buyers and offer a quick and easy way to purchase a new home.

One of the most significant advantages of buying a spec home is the time saved. Building a home from scratch can take many months, and many variables can affect the timeline, from weather delays to permit approvals. With a spec home, buyers can move in as soon as the house is completed, often within a few weeks or months. This is ideal for those who need to move quickly, such as people who have sold their previous home or need to relocate for work.

Moreover, a spec home’s limited number of options can also benefit some buyers, instead of being overwhelmed by endless choices. Spec home buyers can choose from pre-determined options carefully curated by our team. This helps to keep the cost down and ensures that the home is completed on time. Overall, DMC spec homes offer a practical and convenient way to own a new home that meets the needs and budget of many homebuyers.