The Mastery Behind Our Award-Winning ICF Home

There’s an architectural gem nestled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that is garnering international attention. Mike White’s residence is not just a home but a testament to the art of building, having been recognized as one of the world’s top three ICF homes under 6000 square feet.

Project Overview: The residence boasts an impressive 4,285 square feet of living space with ICF usage spanning 6,061 square feet. The project took 65 weeks to complete, with the ICF installation wrapped up in just 15 days. The home comes with a price tag of $1.2 million. Still, it is worth every penny, considering its structural integrity, design finesse, and cutting-edge features.

ICF – The Game Changer: What sets this home apart is the extensive use of Nudura ICF systems. These systems offer enhanced energy efficiency and structural integrity. Interestingly, every exterior veneer of the home is installed onto an ICF wall. This has made the house incredibly sturdy while ensuring optimum thermal performance. Additionally, it stands as the largest single-story ICF home in the surrounding area, making it a benchmark in residential construction.

Intricate Design: The house features 58 corners and six different wall heights, showcasing ICF’s flexibility and design options. The numerous corners and varying wall heights create an aesthetically pleasing structure with a dynamic feel.

An Ode to Natural Light: One of the striking features of the house is its extra-large windows with reinforced headers. These windows make a statement and ensure that natural light floods every nook and corner of the house, creating a seamless blend between the indoors and the outdoors.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition: The home exudes an indoor-outdoor synergy, as the interior design elements flawlessly extend to the outdoor spaces. The open layout and use of natural materials provide a sense of cohesiveness and connectivity with nature.

Construction Team: The vision and dedication of the construction team played a significant role in realizing this project. Mike White, the homeowner, worked alongside Doug Martens Construction, the general contractor, and used the Nudura ICF System to bring this architectural masterpiece to life.

Mike White’s residence in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is not just a home but an innovation in residential construction. By harnessing the potential of ICF, the project showcases how modern construction techniques can revolutionize traditional homebuilding. This home stands as a testament to the fact that with suitable materials, vision, and expertise, one can create functional, sturdy structures and works of art.