Doug Martens Construction is Certified ICF(Insulated Concrete Forms) builder!

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Doug Martens Construction is Certified ICF(Insulated Concrete Forms) builder!

Here are some benefits with a ICF home:

Energy efficiency – Minimal, if any, air leaks, which improves comfort and reduces heat loss compared to walls without a solid air barrier

• Fire protection – ICF walls can have four- to six-hour fire resistance rating and negligible surface burning properties.

• Vermin – Because the entire interior space of ICF walls is continuously occupied (no gaps as can occur between blown or fiberglass insulation and a wood frame wall) they pose more difficulty for casual transit by insects and vermin.

Doug MartensDoug Martens Construction is Certified ICF(Insulated Concrete Forms) builder!
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Another Custom Home

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Doug Martens Construction recently completed a custom built home in the Bowling Green, KY neighborhood of Olde Stone. Here’s what the new home owner had to say about the house:

“Doug Martens Construction was voted the best builder in KY. He uses great subs and never misses an opportunity to improve. We were very pleased with his professionalism. This is the second house he has built for us, so YES, I would use him again.”

We hope you enjoy the gallery below.

Doug MartensAnother Custom Home
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Maintaining a Reasonable Budget for Your Home

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What is the first thing you consider when you decide to look for a home?

The process of building a home is a much more lengthy process than people often imagine. From choosing whether to build from scratch or purchase a used home to the finishing touches of landscape design, it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture and lose sight of a main priority for most home builders: staying within budget.

When starting this home-building process, one of the first tasks should be deciding what budget range is appropriate for you. With the recent rise of home building/home remodeling shows on television, this popular culture often gives prospective home builders a false impression of what a typical budget should be (and what said budget includes!).

If you don’t have millions of dollars set aside for a home, you are not the only one. In fact, Home Advisor indicates that the cost to build a new home is typically $291,638 on average. With the average salary of individuals in Kentucky being $42,171, this number can still seem rather daunting.

If you are looking to cut costs, here are some potential options that may be right for you:

  • Consider building a spec home. This alternative can cut up to 10-20% of house building costs.
  • Consider energy-efficient alternatives. For example, Dirt Cheap Builder utilized a wood stove, sand-textured paint, etc. to cut costs.
  • Consider using cheaper look-alike alternatives for interior design. For example, skip the granite or marble countertops (up to $250 per square foot!) and substitute look-alike laminate materials (average of $10-20 per square foot!).

As long as you are willing to work with an experienced building expert, or spend the time to work out all of the minor details before building, you are absolutely capable of building/remodeling a new home without going out of your budget.

Brianna AndersonMaintaining a Reasonable Budget for Your Home
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Need More Room?

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Looking to do some home additions? Doug Marten’s Construction is here to help!
Are you weighing the pros and cons of adding on to your current home? Expanding rooms is a great way to increase your property’s value. Whether you are looking to do a garage addition or sunroom addition, Doug Marten’s is the place to go for all of your room addition needs. Home additions can be overwhelming and costly if not done right, but luckily Doug Marten’s Construction has a highly professional and dependable staff to help.  We take the stress out of home remodeling and will help you keep your home addition costs low!


Home addition plans got you stressed?

No worries! The cost of adding rooms to a house can get rather pricey if not done within a reasonable time frame. Doug Marten’s Constructions is dedicated to keeping your house construction plan on schedule and within your budget. So the next time you are planning to do small home extensions or massive overhauls, remember to contact Doug Marten’s Construction.

Worried about the quality of work?

We understand! Since its inception in 1998, Doug Martens has become a respected member of the Bowling Green residential building community, we strive to build a product of the highest quality while staying on the cutting edge through education, networking and constant research of new products, techniques and trends. Don’t take our word for it, view our work!
Let’s start the conversation, give us a call at (270) 782-5949 or email

Brianna AndersonNeed More Room?
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When you consider the advantages, the decision to build a new home over buying existing is an easy one.

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When you consider the advantages, the decision to build a new home over buying existing is an easy one.

Better Construction, Warranty, No Surprises, Safety, Appreciation in Value and more!

If you’ve been thinking about starting building a custom home here in South Central Kentucky let’s talk! (270-782-5949) /

Doug MartensWhen you consider the advantages, the decision to build a new home over buying existing is an easy one.
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