The Mastery Behind Our Award-Winning ICF Home

There’s an architectural gem nestled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that is garnering international attention. Mike White’s residence is not just a home but a testament to the art of building, having been recognized as one of the world’s top three ICF homes under 6000 square feet. Project Overview: The residence boasts an impressive 4,285 square feet […]

How Technology is Improving the Home

Technology is integrating into every aspect of our lives including the home. To a certain degree, a lot of these technical advances have been available for several decades. Until recently its affordability and the ease of installation made it accessible to everyone. The goal of technology in a home has two main objectives. Improve the […]

The Home Building Process

The process of homebuilding in the greater Bowling Green, Kentucky area starts far before the initial groundbreaking. With the guidance of hiring a professional homebuilder, all of the stress of building your dream house is put at ease knowing you have a knowledgeable professional taking care of every step along the way. Save Time and […]